Seeds of Change

A sustainable future

The move to the new site in Phnom Penh will provide the exciting possibility of creating a sustainable kitchen garden. The aim is to provide the children with knowledge, skills and understanding of sustainable farming methods, such as the use of hydroponics to conserve water and composting. They will grow fruit trees and seasonal vegetables for the kitchen, selling any surplus into the local market. An enclosure can be developed to house chickens and recently donated pigs.

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.


Kitchen Garden Project Fundraising

Raised so far: $0        Target: $2,000

Help us to raise money to create a sustainable kitchen garden. The money will be spent on tools, fruit tree saplings and vegetable plants, as well as materials to build a chicken coop and pig pen. As well as a valuable food source, the kitchen garden will help the children and young people develop useful farming skills and an awareness of building sustainable environments.

  • Mango and banana saplings

  • Shed and farming tools – spades, rakes, hoes

  • Kitchen garden vegetable plants and seeds

  • Wood and fencing materials

  • Hydroponics equipment


The children have all suffered from adverse childhood experiences but KaisKids provides a safe and nurturing environment to help them overcome and thrive.